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#113 - Amy Johnson: Just A Thought, The Mind‘s Habits, That Voice In Your Head, Emotions & Energy, Worry & Rumination, Repetitive Thoughts, Being Present, And More!

October 1, 2021


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The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #23 - Dr. Amy Johnson

​Little Book Of Big Change

​Just A Thought

12:35 - Amy Johnson's Personal Story

15:10 - Severe Anxiety

15:30 - Eating Disorders

16:25 - The Difference Between Preparation And Anxiety

19:15 - What Is The Insight To Fight Anxiety?

24:00 - Our Repetitive Minds

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32:50 - The Way Life Lives You

35:20 - When Can You Start Seeing Changes?

38:15 - Our Triggers And Cues

42:00 - What Can You Teach Your Kids

44:05 - The Physical Manifestation Of Anxiety

44:20 - Productivity & The Mind

49:25 - Worries & Ruminations

57:10 - Dealing With The Voice In Your Head

57:45 - Once We're Past The Anxiety

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The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #38 - Connie Zack
The Science Of Sauna: Heat Shock Proteins, Heart Health, Chronic Pain, Detox, Weight Loss, Immunity, Traditional Vs. Infrared, And More!

​1:02:00 - Secondary Emotions

1:04:05 - What Is The Role Of Wholeness

1:06:35 - Relationships

​1:12:00 - What Is Reality?

1:13:05 - The Golden Buddha

1:15:15 - Personality Disorders

1:17:50 - The Sky/Weather Metaphor And Working Through Negative Thoughts

1:20:05 - Feeling Stuck

1:20:50 - The Experience Of Knowing What Minds Do

1:22:30 - How Single Experiences Can Shape Our Reality

1:25:10 - What Is The Role Of Will Power

1:26:20 - Using Mantras 

1:27:20 - Meditation

1:30:00 - Biohacking

1:30:35 - The Main Point Of The Book

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