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#107 - Melissa Boloña: Bone Broth Benefits, Hair, Skin, & Nail Health, Homemade Vs. Store Bought Broths, The Power Of Concentrate, Slow Vs Pressure Cooking, Launching A Business, And More!

August 20, 2021


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9:10 - Melissa's Personal Story

12:30 - Feeling Unwell On Set

13:15 - Hot Broth On The Go

14:00 - Seeing Improvements In Skin, Hair, And Digestion

15:15 - Building A Business

17:40 - Where To Start?

20:05 - Inventing The Recipes

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The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast Episode #38 - Connie Zack
The Science Of Sauna: Heat Shock Proteins, Heart Health, Chronic Pain, Detox, Weight Loss, Immunity, Traditional Vs. Infrared, And More!

26:15 - Finding A Balance For Your Creative Driven Projects

30:30 - Creating The Bone Broth

31:30 - Sourcing And Quality

34:30 - Sodium Content

35:15 - Concentrated And Shelf Stable Without Preservatives

38:25 - Preparation Recommendation

40:30 - How Does The Cooking Method Effect Nutrition And Taste?

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46:00 - Does Pressure Cooking Decrease Nutrients?

46:45 - What Kind Of Bones?

47:15 - What About The Release Of Toxins?

50:25 - How Much To You Recommend Daily?

51:30 - Working For Yourself

54:05 - Vegan Options

55:00 - Collagen

56:45 - The Future Of The Company

57:00 - Flavor Bombs

57:50 - What Benefit Is There From Each Kind Of Animal Broth?

59:00 - The Female Perspective In Business

1:03:15 - Gut Health And The Microbiome

1:04:45 - How To Buy?

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