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#114 - Katie Hess: Flower Essences, Plant Communication, Herbals & Essential Oils, Flower Remedies & Homeopathy, Solar & Lunar Cycles, Growing Flowers & Plants, And More!

October 8, 2021


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11:20 - Katie's Personal Story

14:40 - How Many Flowers Are There?

16:00 - Supportive Flowers

18:05 - The Role Of Flowers In Our Daily Lives

20:00 - The Subtle Electricity Emitting From Flowers

21:15 - Male And Female Flower Parts

22:30 - Plant Communication

23:20 - Mycelia Network

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29:30 - Overcoming Barriers To Enjoy Nature

31:25 - Essences, Herbals, And Homeopathy

36:50 - Finding Your Elixirs

38:30 - Plant Identification App: Seek

39:00 - What Role Does Attraction To Color Play In Attraction To Flowers?

41:10 - The Biases In Our Selections

42:10 - Romance And Sexuality; Roses

44:40 - What's The Typical User Experience?

48:30 - Working One On One With Clients

50:40 - The Formulation And Application

55:05 - Single Essences Vs Combinations

58:40 - The Aroma

1:02:10 - Carrying The Trauma Of Previous Generations

1:02:50 - Exchanging Energies

1:06:00 - Selecting Flower Essences For Other People

1:07:00 - LMNT: For Fasting Or Low-Carb Diets Electrolytes Are Key For Relieving Hunger, Cramps, Headaches, Tiredness, And Dizziness. With No Sugar, Artificial Ingredients, Coloring, And Only 2 Grams Of Carbs Per Packet Try LMNT For Complete And Total Hydration. For A Limited Time Go To To Get A Sample Pack For Only The Price Of Shipping!

1:09:35 - The Process Of Creating A Business

1:11:15 - The Future Of Lotus Wei

1:12:50 - The Shift In Attitude Around Essenes And Aromatherapy

1:14:00 - What Role Does Lunar And Solar Cycle Play?

1:16:00 - Experiments With Plant Energy

1:19:40 - Stephen Buhner

1:21:10 - Structured Water

1:24:30 - The Flower Quiz In Real-Time

1:25:35 - Hong Kong Orchid: Self Acceptance

1:26:05 - Black Bat Flower: Balancing Anger

1:28:00 - Fire Weed:  Healing Trauma

1:29:10 - Mandevilla: Fear Of Loss

1:30:25 - Silk Floss: Confidence

1:31:05 - Hollyhock: Frustrating Relationships Or Fear Of Betrayal

1:31:55 - Pink Magnolia: Giving Away Your Energy

1:32:15 - Bamboo: The Essence Of Determination

1:33:15 - Katie's Favorite Flower

1:34:30 - The Effect Of Our Energy On Those Around Us

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