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#111 - Ann Louise Gittleman: “Anti-Aging” Problems, Radical Longevity, Iron & Ferritin Levels, Coffee Enemas & Colonics, Omega-6 Benefits, Vitamin D Supplementation, Bach Flower Remedies, And More!

September 17, 2021


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7:50 - How Ann Came To Longevity

10:15 - The Role Of Iron

11:40 - How Often Should We Test Ferritin?

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14:20 - Ferritin In Super Centenarians

15:00 - Supplementing Iron

16:15 - Parasites

17:55 - Coffee Enemas

18:55 - Colonics

20:00 - Open Colonics Vs. Closed

20:35 - Omega-6s

23:00 - Omega-3s

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26:25 - AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products)

28:10 - Endogenous Vs Exogenous AGEs

28:50 - The Formation Of AGEs During Cooking

29:55 - Genetics And Sirt1 Gene

30:35 - Lung Capacity

31:05 - Vitamin D And The Lungs

31:25 - Vitamin D Supplementation

32:40 - Fascia

35:00 - Sexual Health

36:20 - Body, Mind & Spirit

36:50 - Brain Training

37:45 - Ignatia Amara

39:00 - Ketogenic Diet

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