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#109 - Robert Slovak (Litewater): Deuterium Depletion, Light & Heavy Hydrogen, Diluting & Mixing Deuterium Depleted Water, Ketogenic Diets and Light Therapy, Deuterium In The Microbiome, And More!

September 3, 2021


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9:55 - Robert's Background

11:40 - Reverse Osmosis

13:30 - Does RO Water Have Contaminants?

14:20 - Carbon Filters For Purifying

15:50 - What Is Deuterium?

19:05 - The Types Of Hydrogen, Light Hydrogen, Heavy Hydrogen, Tritium

22:45 - We're Made Of Stardust

25:30 - Water Came To Earth

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27:55 - The Heaviest Element

28:40 - Man-Made Elements

29:30 - How Much Hydrogen Is Deuterium Vs Protium 

32:10 - How Was Deuterium Discovered?

34:30 - Creating The Nuclear Reactor

36:15 - Deuterium Depletion

38:50 - The Types Of Molecular Structure Of Water; H2O, HDO, D2O

41:20 - Deuterium Changes How Bio Organisms Operate

42:30 - The Change In Levels Over Time

44:20 - PPM Of Deuterium In The Earth's Water

46:15 - Deuterium's Freezing Temperature And Human Exposure

49:05 - Why Haven't We Evolved To Handle It?

50:20 - Drinking Sea Water

55:45 - How Does Deuterium Effect Mitochondria?

59:00 - Evaporation

1:00:00 - The Usefulness Of Deuterium

1:02:50 - Extraterrestrial Life

1:06:50 - The Russians Pursuit Of Understanding Of Deuterium In Biology, And The Population Of Siberia

1:10:30 - Analyzing The Deuterium In Water And Saliva

1:11:10 - DRY FARM WINES: Low Sugar, Low Alcohol, Toxin-Free, Mold-Free, Pesticide-Free, Hang-Over Free Natural Wine! Use The Link To Get A Bottle For A Penny!

1:12:50 - Melanie's Test Results

1:17:00 - Mitochondrial Reduction During Aging

1:17:30 - The Action Of Deuterium In The Mitochondria

1:22:55 - Being In Ketosis

1:24:50 - Eating Grass-Fed Animals

1:25:30 - Population Adaptation To Higher Levels Of Deuterium

1:26:50 - Where Does The Deuterium Go During Depletion?

1:28:05 - Metabolic Water

1:31:35 - Quantum Tunneling 

1:32:50 - 'Energy Medicine'

1:33:15 - Structured Water And Alkaline Water

1:36:25 - Alkalizing Processes In The Body

1:38:00 - Alkalizing Nature Of Fruit And Veggie Juices

1:40:00 - Celery Juice

1:40:25 - PRAL

1:42:30 - Adding Minerals For Alkalinity

1:43:15 - How To Chose A Protocol And Managing The Expense

1:46:40 - Mixing And Diluting Deuterium Depleted Water

1:48:05 - The Gut Microbiome

1:58:50 - Deuterium Depleted Water And Cancer

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2:01:30 - The Lack Of Discourse Around Deuterium Depleted Water

2:02:25 - How Is It Manufactured?

2:08:15 - EMF

2:12:15 - Hydrogen Water

2:15:05 - Will The Water Ever Be More Cost-Effective?

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