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#108 - Dean & Ayesha Sherzai: The Alzheimer’s Solution, Dementia & Failing Memory, Plant-Based Diets, Optimal Brain Function, Diet & Lifestyle Changes, Medicine & Research And More!

August 27, 2021


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10:00 - How The Sherzai's Got Their Start

11:50 - The Objective Experience Of Alzheimer's And Dementia

12:30 - The Difference Between Alzheimer's And Dementia

16:30 - Is Alzheimer's Avoidable?

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19:05 - What Is Happening In The Brain In This Pathology?

19:45 - The 4 Pathways 

19:55 - Lipid Dysregulation

21:10 - Glucose Dysregulation

21:30 - Inflammation

21:45 - Oxidation And Toxins

22:40 - How The Pathways Promote Alzheimer's

25:40 - The Brain Is A "Vacuum"

27:00 - Is It Reversible?

29:50 - The Human Cost

31:50 - The System Is Broken

33:05 - The Medication Efficacy

34:45 - The Research 

35:45 - Cholesterol And Its Role

38:45 - Saturated Fat

41:40 - Omega-3

43:40 - Extrapolated Data On Fish Oil

44:10 - Toxicity

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48:05 - MCTs For Alzheimer's

50:30 - Glucose For The Brain

51:50 - Ketogenic And Low Carb Diets

55:55 - The Inuit

56:55 - The Role Of Sugar

59:00 - Complex Activities For The Brain

1:01:10 - Neuroplasticity

1:06:30 - Multitasking

1:07:55 - Dopamine

1:10:00 - Planning And Accomplishment 

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