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#100 - Dr. Que Collins: Deuterium Depletion, Metabolic Water, Better Cancer Outcomes, Hydrogen’s Role In The Body, Nanomotors & ATP Production, Sound & Light Therapies, And More!

July 2, 2021


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9:15 - Dr. Collin's Background

12:10 - Diet And Cancer

17:10 - Living With Cancer Vs Killing It

18:10 - Metabolism Of Cancer 

21:40 - The Correlation Of Depression In African Americans And Poor Health Metrics 

23:30 - What Is Deuterium?

27:40 - The Deuterium Component Of Food

29:20 - Making Energy From Food With Nanomotors

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35:25 - Levels Of Deuterium In Water And Ice Over Time

37:35 - Origins Of Mitochondria 

39:55 - Deuterium And The Microbiome

41:30 - Difference Between Hydrogen In Food Vs Water

45:50 - The Weight Of Energy

47:50 - What Are Our True Water Needs?

55:30 - The Cooling Nature Of Water

57:30 - The Body's Use Of Water

58:30 - Cellular Communication

1:00:00 - How Is Deuterium Measured, And What Should Our Levels Be?

1:04:10 - The Average Deuterium Levels And How To Deplete It Appropriately

1:06:30 - The Center For Deuterium Depletion

1:08:00 - The Relationship Of Deuterium To All Parts Of Society

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1:11:45 - The Ketogenic Diet

1:11:50 - The Deuterium Depleted Diet

1:19:35 - Oxygenated Water

1:22:20 - Managing Deuterium Levels With Light Therapy

1:25:50 - Deuterium Depleted Water Protocol

1:29:30 - Metabolism With Breathing Exercise

1:31:10 - Where To Buy:

1:32:30 - Who Should Buy?

1:35:00 - Metformin And Berberine

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