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#095 - Jonathan Bailor: Body Weight Setpoint, Burning Calories, Food Quality, Obesity & Diabetes Epidemic, Brain Inflammation, Hormonal Dysregulation & Gut Dysbiosis, The SANE Solution, And More!

May 28, 2021


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6:40 - Jonathan's Personal History

11:35 - Why Do People Gain Or Lose Weight?

13:10 - The Global Economic Impact Of Diabetes

14:50 - What Happens With Calories That We Eat?

16:45 - The Calorie Is A Measure Of Energy Alone

18:00 - Why Does The Body Burn Or Store Calories?

19:50 - Dietary Induced Thermogenesis

20:00 - N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

21:40 - DRY FARM WINES: Low Sugar, Low Alcohol, Toxin-Free, Mold- Free, Pesticide-Free, Hang-Over Free Natural Wine! Use The Link To Get A Bottle For A Penny!

23:20 - Perceived Rate Of Exertion

24:20 - Eat Less, Move Less

24:30 - What Is The Stress Response To A Crash Diet?

25:10 - Long Term Outcomes Of Crash Dieting

26:15 - Yo-Yo Dieting And The Extracellular Matrix

27:00 - Defining The "Set Point"

29:55 - How Do We Get Our Set Point? How Does It Change?

33:00 - Obesity As A Disease State 

34:00 - The Quality Of The Food We Eat

35:00 - The Overconsumption Of Food

36:40 - Hormone "Clogging"

39:35 - Parabiotic Studies

40:45 - The Communication Between Brain, Gut, And Hormones

43:40 - The Genetic Component

45:15 - LMNT: For Fasting Or Low-Carb Diets Electrolytes Are Key For Relieving Hunger, Cramps, Headaches, Tiredness, And Dizziness. With No Sugar, Artificial Ingredients, Coloring, And Only 2 Grams Of Carbs Per Packet. Try LMNT For Complete And Total Hydration. For A Limited Time Go To To Get  A FREE Sample Pack, Just Pay The Price Of Shipping!

47;55 - The Pervasive Shame In Being "Over-Fat" In Society

48:30 - SANESolution

50:25 - Evaluating Foods On A Spectrum For Optimal Health

52:10 - The SANE Food Groups

55:30 - What About Lower Fat Or Lower Carb?

57:05 - Metabolic Conditioning

59:10 - The Randall Cycle 

59:25 - The Myth Of Exercise

1:02:50 - Mechanical Removal Of Fat Cells

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