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#093 - Shawn Wells: Quality Supplements, Berberine, Resveratrol, CBD, NMN, New Biohacking Compounds, Polyphenols & Adaptogens, Whole Foods Vs. Supplementation, Ketogenic Diets & Fasting, And More!

May 14, 2021


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8:25 - Shawn's Beginnings

14:00 - Orthorexia

16:00 - The Role Of Fear In Health

21:40 - Being A Bio-Hacktivist

24:25 - The Relationship With Biohacking And Supplements

25:25 - Bad Supplements On The Market

27:35 - Is There Any Type Of Certification?

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32:00 - How Are Vitamins And Supplements Made?

35:20 - What About Transdermal Patches?

38:15 - NMN Vs NR

38:00 - Intranasal Application

41:10 - Glutathione Supplementation

42:35 - L-Ergothioneine

44:10 - The Power Of Mushrooms

44:55 - Taking Exogenous Antioxidants; Vitamin C

47:00 - Polyphenols And Xenohormesis

49:40 - Whole Food Vs Supplements

53:20 - CBD

56:00 - Isolated Vs Full Spectrum CBD

57:00 - Powdered Processed Foods

59:20 - Whey Protein

1:00:30 - Collagen

1:02:20 - Importance Of Amino Acid Ratios

1:04:10 - Glycine

1:06:00 - What Is CD38?

1:08:20 - Berberine

1:10:30 - Berberine's Anti-Viral Properties

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1:19:20 - How Do You Know If Your Supplements Are Effective?

1:22:55 - Shawn's Top Picks

1:24:15 - Thoughts On Breaking A Fast

1:29:10 - Exogenous Ketones; RBHB Sodium

1:31:45 - MCTs

1:35:40 - BAIBA

1:37:45 - Anandamide

1:41:45 - Dehydrozingerone

1:45:10 - Nucleotides 

1:46:10 - Tetrahydrocurcumin 

1:50:00 - Raspberry Ketones

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