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#061 - Cate Shanahan, M.D.: PUFAs, Dietary Fat Problems, Hunger And Cravings, Fixing Fat Burn Potential, Cellular Emergencies, Snacking, Stubborn Fat, Fish Oil, And More!

October 2, 2020


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5:45 - Cate's Story

9:15 - Corrupted Medical Practices 

10:00 - The Problems With Insulin For Type 2 Diabetes

10:45 - Rethinking Saturated Fat 

12:10 - When We Went Low Fat 

16:05 - PUFAs, Oxygen Reactions, And Damage To The Mitochondria 

21:30 - How You Feel The Cellular Emergency 

23:00 - The Need For Snacking 

24:15 - Energy Generation Potential From Different Dietary Fats 

24:50 - Why PUFAs "Seem" Healthy: Current Agriculture, Hiring Scientists, Rodent Studies 

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31:15 - How Long Are PUFAs Stored In The Body?

33:45 - Soy In Infant Formulas 

34:00 - PUFA Storage In The Cells 

34:50 - The Change In PUFA Body Fat Percentages

36:45 - High Carb Vs High PUFA Diet, And Becoming Carb Addicts 

38:30 -  Ray Peat And PUFAs 

38:50 - How Does Fat Cell Turnover Occur?  How IS Fat Burned?  How Blood Flow Affects Fat Burn 

40:00 - Fat, Blood Flow, And Lumpy Or Stubborn Fat 

43:40 - When It's Appropriate To Do IF

44:45 - Losing Weight When Metabolically Damaged, Rapid Weight Loss, And Weight Regain 

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49:50 - The Brain, Pancreas, Liver Connection 

52:00 - Gluconeogenesis And Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes And Insulin Resistance In The Liver

55:05 - Elevated Blood Sugar On Low Carb Diets 

56:25 - The Vagus Nerve 

56:45 - Should You Take Fish Oil?


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